HARDMAN, William

Married WILLIS, Elizabeth (1795 - 1836)
15 Mar 1813
St. John the Baptist, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England

Died 26 Feb 1842
Worcester, Worcestershire, England
- MELANCHOLY SUICIDE  On Saturday morning, about nine o'clock,
- Mr. Hardman, a bacon and cheese factor, & c., residing in the Shambles,
- shot himself with a gun, near Porte Fields Farm, in the parish of Claines,
- about two miles from this city. Deceased was in his 51st year, and has left
- a numerous family. An inquest was held the same evening by Mr. Hughes,
- at the Virgin's Tavern, when the following evidence was adduced:
-  Thomas Bennett, of Claines, labourer: I was loading thorns in a field of
- Mr. Edward Tills on Saturday morning, a little before nine o'clock. I saw
- the deceased standing in the road between Worcester and the Virgin's Tavern.
- I did not see where the deceased came from. The first I saw of him, he was
- standing in the road. I did not perceive that he was doing anything, nor did I
- see anything in his hand. I saw him suddenly fall, and at the same time heard
- the report of a gun. I saw the smoke from the gun when deceased fell. No one
- was near him at the time. I afterwards went to him. I found him lying on the
- side of the road; the gun was about two yards from him  it was a single-
- barrel gun. The deceased's head was blown to pieces, and his brains about the
- road.  William Hudson: I keep the turnpike-gate leading from Worcester
- to the Virgin's Tavern. I heard the alarm and went up. I found the deceased as
- described by the last witness. Mr. E. Corles, of Worcester, solicitor: I was at
- Mr. T. Brampton's on business, this morning. On ascending the hill near
- Jones's farm, I heard a gun; I continued up the road, and found the deceased
- as already described.  Mr. Ledbrook, of Worcester, surgeon: I saw the
- deceased this morning. I found a circular wound above the ear  a gun-shot
- wound  which had carried away the whole substance of the brain. The
- cranium was shattered all to pieces; he must have died instantly. I have no
- doubt the deceased shot himself, regarding the nature of the wound, and the
- gun being found near him.  Stephen Wilks, of the Shambles, joiner: The
- deceased was my father-in-law. I saw him yesterday. He was quite well. The
- deceased was used to go out with a gun, hedge-popping. I am not aware of
- anything to have caused the deceased to have destroyed himself.  This was
- the whole of the evidence; and the Jury returned a verdict "That the deceased
- shot himself, being at the time of unsound mind."  The unfortunate deceased
- was buried on Tuesday afternoon at St. Helen's Church; and an immense
- concourse of spectators assembled on the occasion.

Father HARDMAN, James ( - )
Mother SYMONDS, Mary ( - )

Children HARDMAN, James ( - )
HARDMAN, Thomas ( - )
HARDMAN, Matilda ( - )
HARDMAN, Ann Symmonds ( - )
HARDMAN, Eliza ( - )
HARDMAN, William ( - 1866)
HARDMAN, Elizabeth Frances ( - 1918)
HARDMAN, Jane ( - 1871)
HARDMAN, Elizabeth ( - 1826)
HARDMAN, Mary (1816 - 1862)
HARDMAN, John (1831 - )

Siblings HARDMAN, Thomas ( - )
HARDMAN, Mary ( - )
HARDMAN, John ( - )
HARDMAN, Richard ( - )
HARDMAN, James ( - )
HARDMAN, James ( - 1798)

Census 1841 - Shambles, Worcester, Worcestershire, England
- Bacon Factor

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[Research by Alan Stuart-Tilley]

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